1. Design, supervision, engineering and consulting services for:

    • Plants for the production of electricity – power plants (hydro, thermal, wind and solar),

    • Electrical power transmission: 110, 220 and 400 kV power transmission facilities – transmission lines, substations, switchgears,

    • Electrical distribution facilities: 35, 20, 10 i 0,4 kV – transmission lines (overhead and cable) and substations,

    • TSM objects (Technical Management System),

    • Industrial switchgears for various purposes.

  2. Reconstruction and modernization of switchgears.

  3. Extensions of already existing switchgears. 

  4. Renewal of old switchgears.

  5. Production of tendering documents, bid evaluation and preparation benefit reports  of bidders.

  6. Designing feasibility studies.

  7. Technical control of facilities.

  8. Digitalization and updating technical documentation of Electrical facilities and other types of switchgears. This is a service by which NDC LLC is known in our country for its pioneering and creative achievements.

  9. Preparation of documentation and implementation of procedures, from building permit to exploatation permit.