Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources

  1. Electrical project for construction permit for wind farm in Kostolac

Investor: CEEFOR LLC

  1. Design for building permit for mini hydro power plant Vrgudinac

Investor: IMP Automation LLC

  1. The main design of the solar photovoltaic power plant “MERDARE” – power 2MW

Investor: IMP Automation LLC

  1. Feasibility study with preliminary design of photovoltaic power plant Brana Lazići as a part of hydro power plant Bajina Bašta

Investor: IMP Automation

  1. Preliminary design with feasibility study of substation 110 / 20kV for Indjija wind farm

Investor: Montprojekt LLC

  1. Preliminary design for solar system 150kVA – Photovoltaic system

Investor: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade

  1. Preliminary design for solar panels installation on distribution substations 20 / 0,4kV.

Investor: Power industry of Serbia, branch Elektrovojvodina