NDC LLC supporting students

NDC LLC supporting students

This year we had a pleasure to support the H-Bridges Student Team from Faculty of Electrical Engineering to participate in International Future Energy Challenge 2019.
H-Bridges team of students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was placed in the final of the world’s largest University competition in the field of innovative and energy efficient solutions IEEE International Future this year.

Energy Challenge 2019 (IFEC). 10 Universities goes to the final:
1. Delhi Technological University
2. DHBW – Stuttgart
3. Drexel University
4. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover
5. Khalifa University of Science and Technology
6. National Ilan University
7. Tsinghua University
8. University of Belgrade
9. Utah State University
10. Virginia Tech

The theme of this year’s IFEC competition was electric bike propulsion. The prototype, developed in the digital converter and drive control laboratory in the Faculty, has already met almost all competition requirements for the semi-final. The final prototype is under development, which will be presented and tested at the end of July as a part of the final part of the competition at the University of Madison (Wisconsin).

More information about the team and the project can be found on the team’s website: www.h-bridges.etf.bg.ac.rs, as well as on social networks.

We wish our students good luck in the final!